Patrick Henry Johnson


The Sigil

I designed my brand logo in the initials of my name to express the stylized artistry of my work in the spirit of the magically powerful SYMBOL known as the SIGIL (pronounced: si-jel). A Sigil is a symbolic representation of an alchemist, imbued with the qualities in which he has or will obtain. The qualities MY ARTISTIC SIGIL was created to inspire are: Beauty, Love, Creativity, Harmony and Profusion. As a VISUAL PHILOSOPHER it is paramount for me to SEE what’s not being said, to be rooted in the truth, and sway like bamboo when the strong winds of life blow my way!.

Curriculum Vitae

Patrick Henry Johnson





Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida 1983-1984

Painting | Advertising & Design | Art History | Drawing


Ozzimo & Associates Art Los Angeles, LLC/USA, Italy & Finland 1993-1998

Mural Apprentice | Painting | Typography | Illustration | Composition } Drawing | Graphic Artist


Art Exhibitions


  • 2022 – Band of Vices In the Paint Los Angeles, CA
  • 2022 – Lakers Trainign Facility In the Paint El Segundo, CA
  • 2021 – Band of Vices Mescaline C11H17NO3 Los Angeles, CA
  • 2021 – Band of Vices Masterpiece II Los Angeles, CA
  • 2020 – Band of Vices Masterpiece The Innaugural Show Los Angeles, CA
  • 2020 – SoLA Gallery Group Show Art & Activism Los Angeles, CA
  • 2019 – Residency Art Gallery The Creators Group Inglewood, CA
  • 2018 – Art Basel (Aqua) Miami Beach, Miami, FL
  • 2017 – Gallery 38 The Chronicles of Subjugation Solo Exhibition Los Angeles, CA
  • 2016 – The William Henry tillman Gallery The Chronicles of Subjugation Solo Exhibition Los Angeles, CA
  • 2015 – KG Gallery Group Exhibition 2015 Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2008 – Northland Community College The Beautiful People Grand Forks, ND
  • 2005 – Pounder Kone Art Space The Beautiful People Los Angeles, CA




  • 2014 – The first artist in Los Angeles County to be commissioned by the City of Los Angeles to paint a publicly funded mural on private property after a decade-long mural ban was lifted
  • 2011 – An Artist Exhibitor Member of the Los Angeles Mural Conservancy
  • 2008 – Recipient of a Certificate of Merit from the Los Angeles City Council for painted portraits of City Council Members
  • 2008 – Guest Artist Lecturer at Northland  Community College. East Grand Forks, ND
  • 2004 – Selected by Mary Ali to illustrate the biography of her fatherMuhammad Ali