Patrick Henry Johnson



Murals are a way for me to express myself on a vast scale by interpreting the vision of a client. I listen to what a client is saying and also what he is not saying, therein lies the essence of the creation of the piece.

The mural is basically live theatre. I am performing as a character on stage looking out of the proscenium arch at my captive audience. They watch every day as the image that’s in my mind start to take shape and come to life.
The production begins with a blank wall and a myriad of questions from the audience, as time goes by they can now see what I had explained to them in the beginning.

The excitement builds because the crescendo is fast approaching. The details are added the music is playing and the unmistakable feeling of serotonin is being released and shared amongst all who come in contact with this amazing performance. I sign my name bow to the audience and exit stage left, until we meet again!

Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler

2023 –  33’x14′ Harold and Belle’s, Los Angeles, CA

Snake Doctor’s Cosmic Mumbo Jumbo

2023 – 28’x24′ Sole Folk Art Lab, Los Angeles, CA

Ethereal Dancers for DADA

2020 – 8’x10′ Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Los Angeles, CA

View Patrick Henry Johnson interviews shot by Walter the Balter as Patrick paints the DADA Mural in Los Angeles, CA

The Pentaloom Ode to the Soldiers

2016 – 64’x14′ Los Angeles, CA

Know Thyself

2019 – 24’x26′ KRST Unity Center, Los Angeles, CA

Billionaire PA Murals

2014 – Los Angeles. CA

Inside an Occuli of Orbs as Koi Fish Swim By


Believing the world is Mine


Planet Health Compton Murals

2021 – Vegan Soul Food Restaurant in Compton, CA

Dr. Sebi

Ceasar Chavez

Tiny “Deebo” Lister

Richard Sherman

The Elixir

2011 – 40’x40′ Mural on Crenshaw and Stocker, Los Angeles, CA

The Elixir has been featured on Issa Rae’s “Insecure” on HBO, “All American” on Amazon Prime, Jonah Hill’s Comedy “You People”, recent blockbuster “Creed III”. and Kamasi Washington’s album cover for “The Epic”.

Please visit The Elixir Project page, to learn more about a coffee table book and video project I am planning to celebrate this mural and the emotion and inspiration it has stirred within the community.